How to Move Out of College with Ease

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Christopher Milazzo, Staff Writer |

With the end of the semester quickly approaching, we must discuss moving out and what to do with all your college items.  While this might be stressful (sometimes more stressful than taking finals), here are some simple tips and tricks that will make this process go as smoothly as possible.

1. Start Decluttering As Soon As Possible

Start getting rid of the unnecessary things now so you’ll save time for moving out later.

2. Pack Strategically

It’s so easy to just throw our belongings into whatever bag we can find, but when you do this, you are wasting so much space. Start implementing new ways of organizing your things. For example, with clothes, it’s so easy to just fold them and stack them on top of each other. It’s the most basic way of packing but can take up so much space. Start rolling your clothes like a shirt or a pair of pants and tightly placing them next to each other. You’re utilizing the most space and can layer more rolls of clothes on top.

3. Save the Bulky Clothes for a Box

Heavy clothes like sweatshirts and jackets should be placed in a box because of how large they are. Leave some room in your suitcase or duffle bag, and just box them out.

4. Separate Your Belongings

Living with your friends might be fun, but it can be easy to get your belongings mixed up. Start separating your belongings so nothing gets mixed up. When I moved out of my dorm for the first time, I got so many things mixed up between my roommate and me because we shared things together. Keep yourself organized.

5. Know What You Want to Bring Home or Leave Behind

This goes out to people living in off-campus housing. You should figure out what things you want to leave behind in your house for the next semester to come. Leaving things behind like winter jackets and snow boots can save you space when you go home for the summer.

6. Sell Your Furniture

One of the biggest problems with living off-campus is buying your own furniture like a bed frame or a dresser. Then, you graduate and do not know what to do with it. Go hop on Facebook Marketplace and put the unwanted furniture for sale. You can easily get rid of the things that have no use to you anymore and you can make a quick buck off it, too.

7. Start Packing Before Finals Week

Finals week is singlehandedly one of the most stressful parts of the whole school year. Start packing your things up before finals week commences. Get all the annoying packing out of the way early, and start packing up the non-essentials.

8. Clean Out Your Fridge

Don’t unplug that fridge too quickly. Clean it out completely first, getting rid of all the food that’s been sitting there. After you’re done cleaning the food out, give the fridge a deep clean so it won’t start smelling funny. A trick I learned too was to keep a towel underneath the fridge so if anything leaks out, it won’t make a mess.

With these tips, you should have the most stress-free move out of your life and you’ll be prepared for more move-outs to come.

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