The Hype for Yellowjackets Returns as Season Two Premieres

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Christopher Milazzo | Staff Writer

Yellowjackets, one of the most talked about shows in 2022, returns for its second season. For those who don’t know, Yellowjackets takes place in 1996, when a high school soccer team takes a flight to a tournament, and their plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness. The girls must fight for their lives in the deep woods and try to survive. The show focuses on the team of girls in the wilderness, then it flips to the present day and shows the remaining survivors in their daily.

The show was met with rave reviews and earned six Emmy nominations, including Best Drama Series. The show generated a quick fan following, and people have many thoughts and theories about the show. It was renewed for a second season while season one was still premiering. Season Two premiered on March 26th and was watched by users everywhere. The first episode debuted with two million viewers: Showtime’s biggest premier for a second season of any original series.

In the second season, we see the remaining girls in the woods trying to survive through the winter. In the present day, we see the main characters trying to deal with the actions they did in the previous season. One of the most serious plots in the show would be the development of adult Shauna, played by Melanie Lynsky, and Sophie Nélisse, as teen Shauna. Teen Shauna is still grieving after the death (spoiler alert) of her best friend Jackie and is currently pregnant with Jackie’s boyfriend’s kid. In the new season, we see teen Shauna talking and interacting with Jackie’s cold and frozen body like she is still alive. When asked about how her character sees these visions, Lynsky had to say “I think that their relationship and how it ended, the choices that Shauna made through the course of that relationship and after Jackie’s death, it’s all something that she’s never going to get over. I realized this season how much of the trauma of her pregnancy had been buried because she was so consumed with Jackie…” It seems like we can foreshadow for the rest of the season that Shauna is going to continuously be haunted by Jackie.  Another character that is important to focus on is Lottie. As the queen of their group, she is connected to the forest she believes has special powers that are going to keep them all safe. Played by Courtney Eatton as a younger version of Lottie and Simone Kessell as her in the present day, both are fantastic at portraying one of the most stand-out characters on the show, and they will always have you on the edge of your seat just wondering how she is able to do the things she does. Out of all the theories I have collected about the show, with her being the most enticing, most of mine are towards her characters. Yellowjackets season two is streaming now on Showtime with a new episode premiering every Friday, and you can catch their latest adventure now.

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