Oneonta Esports Club: VR Hang Out and Get Together

Lara Murray-Sterzel | Staff Writer

Calling all gamers!  The time to unite on campus and dive into the gaming world for some excitement has arrived. Oneonta Esports Club invites you to come join them as they learn and talk about the gaming world. To kick things off, the Club held a get together to play VR Games.

On Wednesday, Feb. 22, the Oneonta Esports Club met at Hunt Union in the Union Square room. When I first walked in, they had a sign-up sheet for those who were interested. Once everyone was in their seats, the club leader took the stage welcoming those who came to their event. He revealed that at this event they would be defusing a bomb. The goal of the game is to defuse the bomb with as minimal strikes as possible.

“A timer is involved, and you have two strikes of countdown and a third strike that blows up the bomb. This one isn’t being played in an RV, but it is very similar to this. So basically, you have a bomb, it has a certain number of modules to it, and you have to complete it in the time given,” their leader had explained. When we took our seats there was a Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: Bomb Defusal Manual on each table for gamers to use. The book is packed with different codes which serve as the modules.

For those who hadn’t played “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”, the club explained this game can involve two or more players. One player will try to defuse the bomb, while the other player, known as the “expert”, reads the manual. I was one of the students who wrote my name down as one of the volunteers to give it a try. To get started, members showed me how to work the control sticks and adjust the headset so I could see the bomb clearly. Afterwards, I put my headset on and started the game. It was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. The virtual world is truly amazing. People were giving instructions as I described the bomb and the buttons on it. In a matter of two minutes and twenty-two seconds I was able to diffuse it. I was honestly proud of myself and glad the club members helped me so much during the process.

The club is excited for their next meeting, something they have been planning for all semester. It’s a non-linear meeting to give students an opportunity to make a tier list of their choice. Interested in learning more about the club? Go on the Corq app to follow up on their next event or follow them on Twitter.

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