Tri Sigma Sells Girl Scout Cookies

Lara Murray, Contributing Writer |

There’s nothing like a box of cookies that can bring people together! On Mar. 22 at 2:30 p.m. at Hunt Union, one of our sororities and Girl Scout Troop did just that. According to Tri Sigma, it’s Girl Scout season, which means it’s the time when these ambitious Girl Scouts are trying to help their community. It’s also the time to try and achieve their Gold Award, an annual award given to the Girl Scouts who have the most community service. Three of the Girl Scouts were outside Hunt Union dressed in aprons with cookie stickers on them, encouraging people to come in and support their cause. Inside the sisters of Tri Sigma set up a table selling cookie boxes of Tagalongs, Samoas, and Thin Mints. This is Tri Sigma’s first time working with the Girl Scout Troop and they had a lot to say about it.

“Our sorority has just been doing this with the Troop. So, they reached out to us and we’re doing it for community service,” said one of the sorority girls. Tri Sigma gave the credit to the Troop for making this event work. All the girls felt good to help the young Girl Scouts. So good, that they hope to do more with them in the future. “We definitely would be happy to do this once a semester, or once a year because I think the Girl Scout cookie sales happen once a year,” said someone from Tri Sigma. The sisters of Tri Sigma also said that these cookies have been sold since they were children. “I think that these cookies are just timeless. They’re popular and everyone really loves them. Everyone keeps buying them.” One of the girls said, “It’s like a special treat because they come once a year. I don’t think you can buy them in stores. You have to get them from Girl Scouts, and there’s like a time period of the year where they sell them for a few months. But I don’t think you can buy them at any time.”

As it turns out, five of Tri Sigma’s sisters have been Girl Scouts, one of them going as far back as kindergarten. And their president’s mother was a Girl Scout leader too! “Well, I’ve got to give it to the girls, our community service, and Nicole. She was in community service last year but the Troop that we’re working with, I’ve been hanging out with a lot and they’re awesome. They’re so cute, they’re working for their Gold Award. They’re not too sure what they want to do yet but we’re just happy that we’re able to support them.” said Tri Sigma’s President Katherine. “It’s fun! It brings back memories. Brings back the good memories.” When the sisters of Tri Sigma were asked which box of cookies they were selling was their favorite, most of them picked Thin Mints. They’d recommend the Thin Mints and Tagalongs, while their President is a Samoas girl. Her personal favorite was the Savannah Smiles, which stopped selling long ago. But Samoas are the ‘go to’. Great job, Tri Sigma and Girl Scout Troop! Best of luck to the Girl Scouts with their Gold Award. As one of the Tri Sigma sisters said, “Go Girl Scouts!”

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