West Side Story Review

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Alexa Di Palermo, Staff Writer |

On Mar. 2, the newly released version of Westside Story was released to Disney+. Fans were able to watch from their homes and see what a work of art this production is. The cast, the choreography, everything about it. Fans were able to be excited by the story once again!

To begin with, I loved the cast. Not only was I able to develop crushes on most of the cast, but I was able to look up to the characters, and specifically who played them. Ariana Debose who portrayed Anita swept the audience off their feet. She not only did an amazing job playing her part, but she empowers the audience by breaking the racial expectations of the audience for the character.

I was not sure how to feel about Ansel Elgort being in this movie because it threw me off. But he ended up sweeping me off my feet (as he normally does). Who knew he could sing? Not only that, but his chemistry with his co-star, Rachel, is unmatchable. Who knew Ansel Elgort would continue to wow his audience?

This was not the only thing that made me happy as a member of the audience, the music did as well. This soundtrack was not only good enough to make the characters break into dance, but it was good enough to make me bust a move as well. The voices of the cast were beautiful and left me with much surprise. Every song had me cheering for more!

Hand in hand with the music, the choreography was amazing. Not only were the dancers committed to giving a great performance, but the dances were nostalgic to many of the movie’s viewers. The dances are rumored to be stolen from the original movie, which brings back heartfelt memories to the audience. Having the movie be so original yet still have things in common with an older version is amazing. They kept what worked well!

Lastly, I loved the messages that were hidden within this production. I was so happy to see there was a non-binary character included. This opens the audience to be more supportive towards others no matter what gender they identify as and helps put an end to any hate or injustice shown on our television screens. I also loved the bits of Spanish language used within this film. Though I can not really understand Spanish, it helps the audience understand different cultures and see it incorporated within the film.

This movie was a fun and emotional one to watch… I have many good things to say about it. Although it is a long film, it is worth the watch. If someone were to ask me if they should give this movie a chance, I would tell them to start popping their popcorn, get their soda ready, and cuddle up on the couch for the two-and-a-half-hour film. This is a movie I will never forget!

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