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Alexa Di Palermo, Staff Writer |

Imagine this, you are sitting by your television, waiting for Full House to come on. You have school in the morning, and your grade school teacher told you to get a good night’s sleep for your test in the morning. You studied with your family, and now you are winding down with one episode of Full House before bed. Life is good.

Full House is a show that brings nostalgia back to many of us and makes us feel warm inside. Growing up, watching this family overcome their hardships and support one another was what made our nights and helped us go to sleep in a good mood.

A few years ago, Fuller House was released on Netflix. Fuller House was a continuation of the Tanner girls, DJ and Stephanie, and their silly goofy friend, Kimmy Giber’s adult lives. This means much time has passed since they were growing up, and this family faces new challenges, like technology, new views of the world, loss, and the gain of new family members.

The show starts off as DJ is in the place her father was, leading the Tanner household. She had lost her husband and had to raise three bright, yet sad children on her own. With the help of Kimmy and Stephanie, her family will grow bigger and stronger with her deceased husband in their hearts.

Many people had different opinions about the show in general, how it was good or bad, or worse or better than the original version. After finishing the whole thing, my heart felt as warm as it did when I watched Full House as a child.

This show was not a copy of the original series because there were new adults brought into the home, and new children as well. Obviously, no one was super enthusiastic about this change at first. But Fuller House showed amazing character development between each character, only making them closer.

This show also had many of the old characters come back, like Danny Tanner (may he rest in peace), Joey Gladstone, Jessie Catsopolis, and Rebecca Catsopolis. This, although warmed our hearts when we saw it, also made us sad to see them leave. We did not see too much of the adults who raised the Tanners and Gibblers. Many fans criticized this, but it was nice to have the spotlight on developing old characters and including new ones.

Overall, I think the show is great. It makes me laugh, it calms my anxiety, and it makes me feel like I’m a child again. I don’t think this show could have been made any better and I would recommend it to those who grew up watching Full House.

The most challenging question I could be asked is, which version do I like better? The new or original version?

I spent a lot of my time thinking about how to answer this question. I can honestly say that I believe they are at the same level, you just need to be open to the change Fuller House may bring. Both versions of the show have their own ups and downs, and essentially, they balance one another out. If you haven’t watched Fuller House yet, go give the show a try!

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