The Los Angeles Rams Win Super Bowl LVI

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Kyora Wallace, Staff Writer |

Whether you argued with your partner about it or watched to escape the fact that you’re still single for Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl happened this weekend. For the record, I would like to say I don’t care about the Super Bowl any more than the next guy. And even then, I could still care less, but this year was different. I am a 49ers fan and they had a pretty good season, so I was keeping an eye on things to see if they would make it to the Super Bowl. Surprise, they didn’t. But rather than being bitter, I decided to watch it anyway and I must say, I was not disappointed.

Before I discuss the game, I want to talk about the real highlight: the commercials. To be honest I was very underwhelmed by the commercials this year. We had the basic overly emotional car commercials and some movie trailers, but nothing that exciting for me. There were some standout ones including: Doja Cat’s Taco Bell commercial and a Rocket Mortgage commercial. It may sound strange, but it was about Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse being in the middle of a bidding war (I know it sounds weird but trust me it was funny).

The game was played by the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. I didn’t know much about either team going in other than Odell Beckham Jr. was on the Rams and the Bengals had never been to the Super Bowl. Now after watching, I can’t say I learned much about either team other than they are both absolute beasts. In the first quarter the Rams lead 7-3. I wanted to go in rooting against the Rams because I was still bitter about the 49ers losing, but my grudge didn’t last long. Watching the first quarter, I could absolutely see how they beat the 49ers and deserved to be in the Super Bowl. The Rams really came to play.

In the second quarter, things got interesting. You could tell the players were definitely feeling the pressure. The Rams managed to keep their lead, but not without struggle. Odell Beckham Jr. suffered a knee injury that took him out of the game and you could tell that the Rams were feeling his absence especially since the Bengals were really put it all out on the field. Although a little aggressive at times, they had some good plays and they really put the work in. The teams entered halftime with the Rams still leading 13-10.

The halftime show must have really gotten the Bengals fired up because they took the lead in seconds (and I’m not exaggerating, they scored a touchdown in less than 15 seconds). Things started to look shaky for the Rams. Tee Higgins of the Bengals went a full 75 yards and scored while another player intercepted a throw by Matthew Stafford. Remember how I said the game was aggressive? This quarter was wild. It seemed like every time the ball was thrown a player was getting hurt, thrown, or grabbed. A fight almost broke out on the sidelines after the Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow was tackled on the sideline. But violence aside, the Bengals are up 20-16. At this point I was starting to think that the Bengals were going to bring home their first Lombardi Trophy.

Then the fourth quarter happened and the Ram’s defense burst into action. Aaron Donald and the rest of the defense kept the pressure on the Bengals, successfully keeping them away from midfield. The Rams forced a fourth down and Burrow was unable to connect on his throw, allowing the Rams to receive the ball and win the Super Bowl. They let the clock run out, finishing the game with the Rams up 23-20.

Whether you like football or not, this game was one to watch. Both teams gave it their all and should be proud of what took place on the field. And who knows, maybe the 49ers will make it next year.

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