“Mac Dogs…” What’s The Hype?


Alexa Di Palermo | Staff Writer

Imagine this: it’s late on a Friday night. You and your friends are roaming the streets of Oneonta and stumble upon Main Street. All you have is a five-dollar bill in your pocket and an empty stomach. You finally look up and see it: “The Mac Dog Truck.” 

At first, I was skeptical of the idea of mac and cheese on top of a hot dog. All I thought of when I heard people talking about how good they are is the stomachache that could possibly come after. The main thought behind it all was, “How could you eat that and not get sick?” Boy, I sure was wrong. 

One night on the town, I decided to give a “Mac Dog” a try. I fished my remaining cash out of my pocket and bought one. First of all, holding it in the cold is an amazing feeling because it’s so warm. After a night of being on your feet, the scent of a “Mac Dog” is the best thing you could smell. It’s perfect after a long night out! 

The display is as you could imagine: mac and cheese on a hot dog, but the taste speaks a thousand words. The mac and cheese on top is homemade, so it tastes better than your microwavable Kraft Mac and Cheese you could make in your dorm room. It has texture, it’s nice and hot, and is definitely worth the walk in the cold. 

Although the hotdog portion was just a normal looking hot dog, the taste is off the charts. When paired with the mac and cheese, it changes the entire game. Not only does it change the display of a normal hot dog to a “Mac Dog,” but it makes the taste and texture different. The taste is something all ages could enjoy. The texture of the mac and cheese with the hotdog together makes the entire thing because you are not just eating mac and cheese or just eating a hot dog; You’re eating a “Mac Dog!” 

If someone were to ask me if it were worth making the hike to Main Street late at night for a “Mac Dog,” I would tell them to take the risk. It’s warm, it’s delicious, and it’s better than I could have imagined. Eating it almost takes me back in time due to the two ingredients being my favorite childhood meals. 

The only time I would not recommend a “Mac Dog” is when you can’t afford for there to be a mess. Even though they taste amazing and are worth a little bit of the mess they cause, if you are going somewhere where you must look nice or clean, I would refrain from this dish. It was a tad difficult to eat without some mac and cheese dropping on yourself. 

Overall, if you happen to be on Main Street late at night during the weekend, make sure to stop by and grab a “Mac Dog!” 

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