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Casey Ryder, Contributing Writer |

This past Friday, the Activities Council on campus put on an event inside the Chase Gymnasium featuring the always intense bubble soccer, as well as some intricate board games for students to try their luck at. For the event, the gym was divided in half between bubble soccer and the board games. In addition to that, everyone who attended was offered free ice cream.

On the board game side there was a wide variety of games for students to have a crack at. They had Yahtzee, Guess Who, Chutes and Ladders, Apples to Apples and more. However, there were very few people engaging in the games.

The half of the gym featuring bubble soccer is where most of the action occurred. Games were held in 10-minute intervals and were initially 6v6 but became 5v5 after the bubbles deflated. Bubble soccer games usually aren’t pretty as they involve a lot of people bumping into one another as well as people getting pushed over from the force of the bubble, and Friday night’s games proved to be no exception. However, to the relief of the organizers, no one ended up getting hurt.

The event lasted from 9:00-11:00 p.m. and it proved to be a tremendous success. Turnout was high and there were even people who came to watch. Best of all, several students who attended the event left saying they had a good time.

Caroline Reals, the Vice President of Recruitment and Retention for the Activities Council, was very pleased with how the event panned out. “I was surprised at the turnout, there were some people who came just to watch which I definitely did not expect and there were also people who came to just play the board games which again I didn’t expect. Usually, people come for the bubble soccer and then they play the board games while they’re waiting but people just chose to come for each one.”

Another person who helped run the event was Lena Schorr, who serves as the o-vents chair for the Activities Council. She shared Reals’ sentiments about the event saying, “I think there was a good turnout, it seemed like people had a fun time and people stayed for most of the time so it was a good turnout.”

Reals and Schorr say that they wanted to put on the event because it has been a success in previous years and they figured that it’d be a fun thing for students to do on a Friday night. Reals said, “It’s something we figured that everyone would enjoy, we’ve done it in past years and had a good turnout and sometimes you need to just relax and bump into people!” Likewise, Schorr said, “I think we definitely wanted an event back in person with all of the students, they wanted everyone to come back and have something fun to do on a Friday evening.”

The Activities Council will continue to put on various events throughout this semester which students can find using the Corq app. My advice to any Red Dragon thinking about attending one of those events is to go! I promise you will not regret it.     

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