“Squid Game”: Play or Pause?

 Alexa Di Palermo

Back when we were kids, no matter the age of whoever may read this, it is a common experience that you would spend hours outside, playing with your friends. Time would pass by so quickly before you had to go inside for dinner and put an end to the night. You would wake up wanting more. Something so innocent and sweet about our childhoods… turned upside down. This is “Squid Game”. 

Recently, Netflix aired a new show, “Squid Game”. There has not been a day that’s gone by where I have not heard people raving about it or posting about it. This tempted me to give the show a try. Believe me when I say I was not expecting such a grotesque, mortifying, yet intense and high standard way of looking at childhood activities. 

Life was never easy for any of the characters selected to play the squid game. All were given equal opportunities to beat each other for a large sum of prize money. This money had the power to change their lives and give them an opportunity to succeed! But was the hassle worth the prize? 

Characters were given seemingly easy tasks. These were amped up versions of our favorite childhood games. In this case, the task of the game was not to just simply have fun, it was to fight for their lives. One loss for a player meant saying goodbye to everything and passing on. The audience has had to say goodbye to all their favorite characters in the span of the show due to small mistakes or innocent losses. 

As I just finished the series this past weekend, it was a hard watch. Not only did it make childhood memories of mine seem less innocent and spin them to be more grotesque, but it made you form emotional connections and lose faith in humankind. It is powerful, moving, and makes you wonder what you would do if you put yourself in such a position.  

Watching the series, I questioned a lot of things. Not only my own sanity, but the sanity of a human who could commit the crimes that were committed in the show. The sanity of the actors who had to shoot these scenes or play such intense characters. I had to take breaks between episodes and remind myself that this was just a show.  

Although this was an intense watch and was extremely emotional, it was also fun to watch and try to predict what could possibly happen next. The show was extremely unpredictable and became more intense and gory throughout each episode. If you can stomach horror and thriller type movies and shows, this may be a fun watch for you as well. 

If you were to ask me if I would recommend this to someone, I would say yes. I could only wonder if there will be a second season showing what happens to player 456 next… 

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