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Daniella Fishman

Daniella Fishman, Staff Writer |

It was Sunday, and the stress was high. Two essays due Monday, two upcoming midterms, one presentation later on in the week, three articles in need of writing and worst of all, I was starving. Normally for “Dine with Dani,” I go out to eat at a restaurant. Still, seeing as my work was piled higher than my head, I decided to do the unthinkable… I ordered in. I had officially succumbed to the pre-midterm chaos. I needed something I could eat that wasn’t too greasy and easy enough to enjoy while getting my work done. While perusing through DoorDash I saw something that made me stop in my tracks: Mediterranian food in Oneonta! Star Mix Mediterranean Grill was my haven for healthy-ish food during this tumultuous midterm exam season. I decided to give it a go and ordered a falafel pita with a side of hummus, then eagerly awaited for my ‘dasher’ to come. After 30 minutes, the food was at my door. 

Everything came wrapped up very well. The hummus came in a plastic tub and the falafel pita inside tinfoil. Upon looking at the hummus, I could immediately tell it was homemade and tasting it only confirmed my assumption. The blended chickpeas paired wonderfully with Star Mix’s spices. It was oily, but that was to be expected from something like hummus. The hummus came with eight trianglular pieces of pita bread. The bread, unfortunately, was stale and cold; however, I chalked that up to it being delivered, paired with the cold weather most likely having an effect on it. Nevertheless, it was delicious. The falafel pita was the star of the show. Though subjected to the cold February weather, the falafel remained warm and crunchy, and we all know how I love a good crunch. The pita was doughy, filled with romaine lettuce, homemade Mediterranean white-sauce, onions and three falafel balls. Extra white-sauce was provided with the falafel. Still, with the amount already on the pita and the hummus I ordered, it was nice to have but not necessary for me personally. After I finished both my falafel and the pita triangles, I had a substantial amount of hummus and white-sauce left, which I intend to eat throughout midterm week. The falafel was amazing, and I highly recommend it. If there’s one food I could eat forever, their falafel would be on the top of my list. Overall, the meal left me satisfied and gave me enough energy to power through the rest of my studies. 

Star Mix Mediterranean Grill was the perfect choice for quality food for a night of intense studying. It’s safe to say that this place will now be my go-to for DoorDash orders! Star Mix is located in Oneonta’s West End for those interested in going to the physical location. As always, feel free to let us know at the State Times if you ordered and enjoyed your food from Star Mix Mediterranean Grill. 

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