Tame Impala Releases New Album “Slow Rush”


Katherine DeNinis, Staff Writer |

Tame Impala, a psychedelic rock band, released their fourth studio album titled “Slow Rush” on Feb. 14, 2020. The group consists of multi-instrumentalist and lead singer Kevin Parker, guitarists Dominic Simper and Jay Watson, bass guitarist Cam Avery and drummer Julien Barbagallo. “Slow Rush” includes 12 songs, varying in lengths from two minutes to just over seven minutes. This album focuses on themes of letting go of the past, believing in yourself and living each day to its fullest potential.

“One More Hour”

Tame Impala starts off the album with slow paced song, “One More Hour.” This song also happens to be the longest song on the 12-track album, lasting around seven minutes and 13 seconds. The song constantly changes from a fast to a slow beat, with the crescendo growing as the drums take over the song in certain parts.

“One More Year”

The first minute of this song consists of a funky and fast beat that makes listeners want to tap their foot or just get up and dance. The lyrics remind listeners about how long a year actually is: “fifty-two weeks, seven days each…four seasons.” Tame Impala wrote this song with the intention of reminding listeners that a year may seem like a long time, but one year could easily be your last.

“Instant Destiny”

This upbeat song showcases the subject having a conflict within themself about doing “something crazy”, which can be interpreted as making the commitment of marriage with their significant other. The lyrics “Did you say, ‘And here comes forever’?” represent the long-lasting promise of marriage—to love one another for the rest of their lives. Despite the internal conflict, the subject of the song seems to be ready to take the leap as they say “We’ll be lovers until the end of time/I see it now/I see just how you’re so right/You’re so clear now.”


Tame Impala performed “Borderline” on “Saturday Night Live” on March 30, 2019, and the song has been the lead single from the album. The cheery beat takes listeners away from the harsh lyrics that are representing the nature of a rocky and unstable relationship, including all of the highs and lows.

“Posthumous Forgiveness”

“Posthumous Forgiveness” focuses on lead singer Parker speaking about his deceased father; the two didn’t have the best relationship following Parker’s parents divorce when he was a young boy. The first half of the song speaks on the reasons why Parker disliked his father when he was still alive, stating that his father “decided to take all [his] sorrys to the grave.” The second half of the song features a change in the beat and allows Parker to reminisce on the good times that he had with his father and how he wishes that his father could be here to listen to his music.

“Breathe Deeper”

This song considers how beneficial deep breathing can be during stressful situations. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed with life, remember to “Breathe a little deeper/Should you need to come undone/And let those colours run.”

“Tomorrow’s Dust”

This track focuses on how with every passing day comes an opportunity to let go of the past and learn from your mistakes. Tame Impala paired a catchy beat with lyrics that remind listeners to treat each day differently and to not stress over yesterday because “in the air of today is tomorrow’s dust.”

“On Track”

This song begins slowly with a piano and gently builds into a symphony of drums as the chorus hits. Concerning the lyrics, this song tells its listeners that despite a few bumps in the road, everything is going to work itself out, supported by the song’s chorus which repeats “Troubles keep falling in my lap, yeah/But strictly speaking, I’m still on track/So tell everyone I’ll be alright.”

“Lost in Yesterday”

“Lost in Yesterday” showcases to listeners how toxic it can be to hold onto past memories. At times, many people feel that getting “lost in yesterday” and bringing up certain memories is healthy, when in reality it hinders one’s progress in moving on. Tame Impala sings in the refrain that “If it calls you, embrace it/If it haunts you, face it.”

“Is It True”

Lead singer Parker stated that “Is It True” only took eight hours to write. The song focuses primarily on a person that shuts out love and is uncertain about their future, so they refrain from making any long-term commitments with others.

“It Might Be Time”

This track suggests that relationships can change over time due to how much the people in the relationship change, either in a good or bad way. Parker sings how “It might be time to face it,” reminding couples that it might be time to address the state of their long-term relationship and how both companions have grown over time.


Being the shortest song on the album, lasting a whopping two minutes and nine seconds, “Glimmer” begins with commentary on “cranking the bass up.” With a very upbeat rhythm and very few lyrics, this song is the perfect song to blast in your living room with your friends and just dance!

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