WONY DJ of the Week: “A Night in Seoul”


Riley Brown, Contributing Writer |

WONY Radio is proud to announce that this week’s DJs of the Week are Sarah Manners and Juliana Bowman – the hosts of “A Night in Seoul.”

Manners is an adolescent education: social studies major, as well as a Korean adoptee who grew up in the United States. “I joined WONY in order to share my culture with SUNY Oneonta and the surrounding community,” she explained. “I love how WONY allows students to express their taste in music to the Oneonta community. I also love the people in WONY! Everyone is so kind and supportive to both me and my co-host.”

Bowman is an early childhood education major who says she has spent every waking minute of her free time listening to and learning about her favorite music. Music, for her, has led to the beginning of many of her closest friendships. “There are many reasons why I love being part of WONY,” she told us. “For starters, the people we have gotten to meet and know through our training process have all been genuinely kind, friendly, helpful and welcoming. The environment truly resembles a large family. Secondly, my academic schedule is currently very packed! Having the show to plan/look forward to every week is definitely a great motivator to keep pushing through each day.”

Manners and Bowman host “A Night in Seoul,” a show that focuses on bringing Korean and Japanese music to WONY and its listeners. They also bring on the campus’s international students to talk about the cultural differences between living in Oneonta versus their home, as well as discuss current events and news in Asian media. “Ultimately our goal is to bring awareness to music that comes from a different part of the world,” Manners concluded.

Tune in to “A Night in Seoul,” Saturdays at 10 p.m.! Interested in joining WONY? Contact our Training Director at  [email protected] and don’t forget to Keep It Locked! 

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