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WONY Radio is proud to announce that Zach Boudreaux is this week’s DJ of the Week! Zach is a junior mathematics and education double major. He joined WONY his first semester at Oneonta simply because he saw the booth at club expo and signed up right there! “If I had not seen that booth,” Zach explains, “I would not have touched a studio microphone otherwise.” After taking a semester to train, he started hosting shows every semester and actively DJ’d events on campus. The opportunity came up at the end of his freshman year to become a member of the e-board, and he was elected to the position of treasurer. This year, he is now referred to as the “business manager.”

Zach’s show, “i. love. bread.” is a morning talk show on Friday 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. (and yes… it is a reference to Oprah). He had this to say about his show, “Essentially, I reflect on what has occurred in my life and the world over the course of that week. I call my listeners “baguettes” and – of course – talk about bread because I love bread!” He says his show tends not to have a structure, which is what he finds fun about it! “One minute I could be doing hypnosis with my “baguettes” and the next minute you can hear the tears in my eyes from laughing at my own joke that I didn’t even tell yet!”

What Zach loves about working with WONY is how accepting and welcoming everyone is! If it weren’t for that, he would just do his show and leave. Now, he never wants to miss out on an event that happens at the station! He also loves how there are people from all different majors that add to the palette of content that is aired. Zach gives this piece of advice, “You don’t need to be a music industry or media studies major to help out on WONY Red Dragon Radio!”  

Listen to “i. love. bread.” every Friday from 8am to 9am on WONY 90.9FM or on the tune in app!

Interested in joining WONY? Contact our Training Director at [email protected] and don’t forget to Keep It Locked!

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