With Technology, We Are Not Alone

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Michelle Barbero, Culture Editor |

Through the use of modern day technology, people are constantly connected. Especially in the United States, it is rare for people to be disconnected from their cell phones, computers, or other electronic mobile devices. Even in rare circumstances, people still have access to technology  through services offered by public spaces like schools and community libraries. As our society becomes more dependent on mobile devices, a concern is raised as to whether or not technology is actually isolating us from one another.

It has become a common belief that as a result of technology, there is a decrease in socialization amongst Millennials. One cannot deny that when looking around a public area, almost everyone has a device in hand, even when sitting down for meals. At first glance, it can appear to just be a group of people ignoring each other. But what some people fail to realize is that the use of technology, even at social events, can actually enhance in-person, as well as online, social interactions.

When it comes to in-person interactions, the presence of technology has the potential to also  have positive social effects.

When a group of family members, friends, or coworkers are spending time together, the presence of mobile technology acts as a platform for conversations and discussions.

Technology has also been proven to successfully bring people together in a classroom environment.  At SUNY Oneonta, professors have utilized computer and cell phone capabilities to have students work together in teams to complete review exercises online, like a trivia game.

Google Docs, which can be accessed on any device with internet capabilities, has created a more positive working environment for students and teachers alike when it comes to group projects.

Kelly Walsh in “Google Docs: Why Teachers and  Students Should  Be Using Them for Course Work” points out, “students can develop and/or edit documents online, while working with others. Group members no longer have to wait for other group members to update their portion of the presentation.”

Aside from enhancing in-person communication, there are countless ways in which connections can be made through mobile devices.

Throughout the past couple of years, social media has been connecting people of all ages and backgrounds around the world. According to Statista, “the power of social networking is such that, the number of worldwide users is expected to reach some 2.95 billion by 2020, around a third of Earth’s entire population.”

Technology allows people to meet others who can’t otherwise be reached in person. Because of social media, people have the ability to showcase their work and collaborate with others on a global scale.

Receiving feedback from a diverse audience is key for students, artists, and a variety of companies. Additionally, because of advances in technology, job interviews are being conducted online and talent is being unearthed on a daily basis.

One of the most impactful ways that technology connects people is through online support groups. People who have similar hardships are able to have conversations about experiences and are able to give each other advice.

Donations can also be easily exchanged online. youcaring.com explains that, “When an unexpected illness brings in mounting medical bills, starting a personal fundraiser can be a way to share your story, your updates, and your milestones. A personal donation website can also allow friends and family to show support.”

We are not alone in the age of technology. The relationships that are created and nurtured online cannot be ignored. And its impact should not go unacknowledged.

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