HOROSCOPES (Week of October 20 – October 26)

Zodiac circle with horoscope astronomy constellation symbols poster vector illustration

SCORPIO: Happy Birthday Month! Unfortunately, you have a very wet and rainy month, but as a Scorpio, you are a strong water sign.

Candy: Kit-Kats

SAGITTARIUS: You have heard that black cats and broken mirrors are bad luck, but you’ve dealt with both before haven’t you? You’ll be fine.

Candy: Almond Joy

CAPRICORN: Do watch out for ghouls and goblins in the night AND day, as their masks can be tricky to uncover.

Candy: Smarties

AQUARIUS: Magic is in the air! Use this for upcoming quizzes, tests, and papers, for it may not last too long.

Candy: Skittles

PISCES: The little angel and devil on your shoulder will be necessary this week. You’ll have some momentous things to decide on.

Candy: Twix

ARIES: BEWARE … because Halloween evening will be especially fun for you, Aries.

Candy: Sour Patch Kids

TAURUS: Remember that you are truly boo-tiful. Don’t let the spooks get you down!

Candy: Swedish Fish

GEMINI: The spirit of the holidays is finally approaching, which is a great distraction from your studies.

Candy: Reese’s Cups

CANCER: Feast on the sweet treats of the month! Everyone deserves to have a night or two of delving into chocolate and salty goodness.

Candy: Hershey Bar

LEO: Afraid of spiders, snakes, or skulls? Do not fear; for it “is only as deep as the mind allows.”

Candy: Three Musketeers

VIRGO: Have you carved your pumpkin yet? Consciously think about the expression you carve, it could reveal some truth about you.

Candy: Mini Snickers

LIBRA: Witches may face you this week, so be cautious of who says what to you.

Candy: M&Ms

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