HOROSCOPES (Week of September 29 – October 5)

Zodiac circle with horoscope astronomy constellation symbols poster vector illustration

LIBRA: You are the powerful scales of justice, of what is right and wrong, of what is fair and unfair. Our world needs you now, especially in the trying times of our current political atmosphere.

SCORPIO: As the name states, you are a small scorpion with a mighty sting. Since scorpions do not usually die after a sting, this works in your favor most of the time.

SAGITTARIUS: As a half man, half horse with archery skills, you’re built for speed and strength. Since you’re two-in-one, you’ll never be the man who has fallen off the horse. Considering all of this, you should never give up!

CAPRICORN: You’re not just any farm or zoo goat. You’re THE goat. You and your sign family survive each passing New Year. 

AQUARIUS: Technically, you are a cup full of water, but are often just referred to as water without a container. With this versatility, you’re virtually unbreakable. 

PISCES: Picture two fish swimming in opposite directions; what does that even mean? The interpretations are endless, which is actually an advantage for you. 

ARIES: The Aries symbol, a ram, is a male sheep. Its tough horns and natural curiosity often leads it to trouble. As good as curiosity can be, take caution.

TAURUS: You are a dominant male animal: the bull. But whether you’re male, female, or nonbinary, your strength is unmatched.

GEMINI: Famously known as the twins, they are talkative and sociable, but they have the reputation of being two-faced and untrustworthy. Help the rumors die!

CANCER: Your sign is the moody crab, but you can similarly be depicted as the number 69, which actually represents the different moon phases! Use this as a baseboard for more studies on the moon, moon phases, and what they may mean.

LEO: The lion is a great symbol for loyalty, strength, and authority. Be sure to use these qualities in your daily life, but don’t become too bossy. 

VIRGO: You are the modest maiden, also referred to as the virgin. Virginity does not always pertain to sex in this case, so much as a virgo is known for their good moral compass.

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