HOROSCOPES (September 15-September 22)

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Libra: Just because your sign’s dates are approaching, does not mean it’s a good thing. The limelight is great but too much can make for a Venus-sized head.
Lucky Number: 38

Scorpio: The sting of the scorpion tends to be non-deathly to humans, healed with some soap, water and painkillers. Be careful who you “sting” this month.
Lucky Number: 4

Sagittarius: You love your freedom, and you will continue to have it through the rest of this year in only the best ways, of course.
Lucky Number: 16

Capricorn: Take every opportunity to pick up coins you see on the ground. This will bring you extra good luck and second chances.
Lucky Number: 95

Aquarius: Since water is your friend, make an effort to go swimming this season! The cleanse of a good swim can wash away all the bad luck that the semester may bring.
Lucky Number:

Pisces: The quick shift from summer to fall has really hit you this year in particular. The rain is hitting harder, unfortunately.
Lucky Number: 25

Aries:You are a natural-born leader, as it would be for the first astrological sign. But, you may end up following something this month…
Lucky Number: 43

Taurus: A more responsible you is on the rise this upcoming year. That does mean people will rely on you more often, though.
Lucky Number:

Gemini: Although you may get a bad rep, those two heads will help you this month through some exciting changes.
Lucky Number: 60

Cancer: Summer baby, watch out! “Temptation is the root of all evil” and the colder air will tempt you with more than just some hot chocolate.
Lucky Number:

Leo: Do I smell pumpkin spice in the air? September and October may bring some of that spice to your life, whichever way you take it.
Lucky Number: 29

Virgo: Patience is key in these trying times, and it’s important to keep that in mind when talking to the simplest of others.
Lucky Number:

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