HOROSCOPES (April 5-April 11)

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ARIES: This week focus on what’s in front of you instead of looking forward to things that are unattainable. If you have a romantic partner, be sure to tell them your true feelings. Be appreciative of all they do for you. Make time for them, because Venus is in retrograde right now and could cause havoc in relationships.

TAURUS: If you have been feeling like nothing has been going your way lately, your luck is about to change. When faced with tough decisions, answers will be very clear to you. Motivate those around you, but also attend to your own needs.

GEMINI: This week someone in your life will decide to give you another chance; do all the things you should have done the first time around and be grateful. On Thursday, Saturn’s movement in retrograde will affect your relationships and there will be a power struggle that will change the dynamic between you and the person you are closest to.

CANCER: The moon is both in your personal arena and at an optimal angle with Neptune. This will cause you to breeze through the week with few setbacks. You might start feeling contemplative as well. If you have extra time, think deeply about your place in the world. Conversations will be especially lively and interesting this week.

LEO: Bad energy is leaving you this week as Venus returns to the area of zodiac that will help you rid yourself of it. Your mind will be clear and free, helping you feel confident and enjoy events currently happening. Things will not continue on this way forever, so take advantage of this time.

VIRGO: Neptune and the Moon are in your house of friends this week, so this is an excellent time to plan your future with those around you. Hold your head high and let your poise inspire those surrounding you. Assess and enjoy your relationships. This weekend will test your ability to speak confidently, but if you remain focused you will succeed.

LIBRA: This week is super busy and you will feel as if you don’t have an extra minute to breathe, let alone rest. Keep pushing forward despite how tired you are. You secretly enjoy the puzzle that has been your schedule lately. Keep on managing priorities and soon you will have successfully made it through this heap of work.

SCORPIO: Your attention will be drawn to your own mental and physical health this week. If you’ve been having negative thoughts about yourself lately, do what you can to turn that around and open up about the way you have been feeling. On Saturday, Mars and Ceres will combine and help you feel a bit more grounded again.

SAGITTARIUS: Everything is ending and although this opens up new doors for you, change isn’t always easy. Breathe deeply and don’t forget your experiences as you move forward. Friends and partners may not have your back as you leave them behind, but focus on yourself and soon you will adjust to the way things have gone.

CAPRICORN: Pick your battles this week. Distractions are your friend right now; if you are invited to do something fun, don’t pass it up. Leave your fights behind and they will resolve themselves in due time, just let yourself forget momentarily and enjoy the good times.

AQUARIUS: New experiences are on the horizon as a lot of big plans were laid down last month. Work your way up the ladder and be polite and grateful for the luck that has helped you get where you are now. Also be proud of the hard work that has gotten you to this point.

PISCES: Always putting others needs before your own is a good way to live most of the time, but sometimes it leaves you with no time for yourself. Please take a moment to step away and think about yourself and your own needs this week. Find a better balance where you feel taken care of as much as those around you are.

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