HOROSCOPES (Week of February 22 – 28)

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ARIES: Collaboration is key this week. Do not get held back thinking you can do everything alone right now. Trust your instincts but don’t dismiss others’ opinions and ideas. On Saturday, Mercury will slip into Pisces, causing you to feel creative. Make sure you have a calm place to work on projects and clear your head.

TAURUS: Allow yourself to loosen up. If you have so far managed to suppress your teen rebellion phase, it might come out this week. You may feel like you are itching to get out of your regular routine. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Sad or possibly exciting changes will be occurring for you soon.

GEMINI: The intermingling of Jupiter and your house ruler Mercury will help you rewrite your story right now. Dramatic and daring actions on your part may attract new people to you, whether it be friendship or something more. You will also have realizations about your future and will be able to solidify your goals.

CANCER: This week you will feel free and open about your emotions as well as ready for new relationships or developments in old ones. Closeness with people in your life is important right now; don’t be afraid to take your walls down. New opportunities will arise soon that would be beneficial to take advantage of as well.

LEO: Focusing on how people around you are feeling is important this week. Make sure to check in on friends and romantic partners. Be as open and honest as possible, communication cannot be avoided. Because of the new moon this weekend as well as Mercury’s shift into Pisces, your seductive powers are on the rise. Take advantage; let your flirty side take over.

VIRGO: This week you will start doing something outside your regular activities, and it will add a meaningful dimension to your life. Although, if you’re already overbooked, don’t try to take on too much. Remember that the small things you add to your day can make a huge difference over time. If you’re single, developments will be happening in your love life this week.

LIBRA: Don’t shy away from your problems this week. Confront them. Stay away from petty issues but be sure to communicate the problems you’ve been having. Also, the shift of Mercury into Pisces will give you the motivation you’ve been searching for.

SCORPIO: This week, your softer side will shine through the tough exterior you usually present. Instead of jumping to conclusions, be sure to take a moment before you respond to people. These extra moments of thought will prove themselves to be very important. This weekend, sparks will be flying. This may make up for the lackluster Valentine’s Day you recently experienced.

SAGITTARIUS: The positions of Jupiter and Mercury right now will have you feeling particularly sincere and honest. Over the weekend, you will want to stay in and feel at home since Mercury is in your domestic zone. Relax and self-indulge, enjoy the leftover chocolate you have. You will need your rest for the exciting events on Sunday.

CAPRICORN: Be fluid about your plans this week, Capricorns. Don’t overthink, just jump on opportunities that grab your attention. This weekend you will get news that you’ll want to share with everyone. You will find the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

AQUARIUS:  Allow your mind to wander; your best ideas right now will be the most extreme ones. Work on projects you’ve been meaning to finish because your best work will be produced right now. A wave of good fortune will hit this weekend.

PISCES: As Mercury rushes through your sign’s sector, amazing ideas will pop into your mind left and right. Be sure to take note of your thoughts as they may prove to be very important. Over the weekend, the new moon will help you realize things about yourself, causing you to reflect on how you have changed in the past few years. Don’t hold back this week.

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