Fashion Sub-Section: Styles Trending This Winter…

Paige Welch, Staff Writer

Winter is oftentimes the season of comfort. It’s hard for the average college student to imagine taking off the sweats and hoodie in exchange for something else when they have to walk to class in the wind and snow. SUNY Oneonta students, in particular, fall victim to this, and no one is blaming them. But, there are trends appearing around campus that demonstrate how someone can be warm and fashionable.

Certain colors and fabrics seem to be more appropriate during the gray, upstate winters. Felted wool, traditional plaids, crowded patterns all in darker shades are commonly seen this time of year. Dark scarlet, army green, camel, stove-pipe gray, and black are some of the trending color palettes. It’s not really a necessity to blend in with the sky, but too bright of colors can sometimes be off putting in a snowy landscape.

But with fabric and/or color selection comes the importance of accessorizing. No one is going to be truly warm if a lot of skin is exposed. Longer length camel coats are a staple; they are both dramatic and simple. Many outerwear styles have the benefit of being gender neutral, and the diverse amount of styles that exist make it easier for someone to find something that fits their particular aesthetic. Bomber jackets have come back in style, and there are various styles and fabrics available. With outerwear comes the opportunity to further customize and show off an independent fashion expression. Iron-on patches add a cool and unique flair to denim and canvas materials, and they give off a vintage vibe. 

An important basic is layering. Transitioning from the blistering outdoors into the heat-insulated building on campus can lead to a sweaty situation. Wearing a winter coat over a sweater and collared shirt creates a polished look that is just warm enough. Another popular trend, particularly in menswear, is to wear a long t-shirt under a flannel. This is a more casual approach to layering. A basic wardrobe essential is a pair of black jeans. They go with any top combination, and do not violate the winter color scheme.

Hats and facial coverings are a necessity for someone living in snowy and windy weather. Beanies are a go-to choice, because they come in an infinite amount of colors and thickness of knit. But if someone is interested in having a more unique look, there are lots of other options. Berets, fluffy earflap hats, and newsboy caps are appearing on runways and in collection for the Winter 2017 season.

Many more affordable options for those who are not interested in paying for the high fashion label are available in most popular retail stores catering to young adult fashion. Balaclavas are becoming trendier, and are starting to be seen in a wider selection of color and patterns. Balaclavas are for those that want full coverage and protection from blustery days.

Finally, the choice of footwear depends on how badly one wants to be protected from wet feet. Combat boots, such as Doc Marten brand boots, are trendy, but not necessarily warm. Duck boots are good for wetter weather, and the trademark Bean Boot from L.L Bean are being worn by all genders around campus in the snow and rain. Heavier snow boots that are fleece lined and waterproof are offered in countless styles and brands. A campus favorite seems to be Sorel.

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