Make Moves to Stay Motivated

Averi Amsterdam, Staff Writer 

The midterm crunch has come and gone, Halloween has left everyone with a sugar rush, and the Thanksgiving food coma is right around the corner. The scent of the holiday season is in the air as the countdown to the end of the semester begins. The need to stay motivated and on top of all things school-related is the most difficult task to adhere to.

Create a To-Do List As the weather gets colder, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay focused on schoolwork when the warmth of your bed seems much more satisfying. Crossing items off a to-do list is rewarding. This encourages you to create a goal, identify your desired outcome, and take the necessary steps to achieve it. This can be as simple as writing a list of all the assignments, tests, and meetings you have to complete and attend in a given week.

Reward Yourself & Take Breaks

Once you cross the last item off your to-do list, you will feel a wave of relief rush over you. This is the time to treat yourself to the well-deserved nap or Netflix binge you have been craving. Creating ways to treat yourself after all your work is completed will keep you motivated to get everything done. You will aim to be more productive if it means you earn your reward.

While taking a break does not initially make much sense when trying to stay motivated, it actually keeps you on track. Working non-stop will make you feel less motivated, be less productive, and feel more agitated. By incorporating scheduled breaks into your work routine, you will feel more encouraged to complete all of your tasks. However, try timing your breaks so it does not get out of hand to the point where your work is a break from Facebook.

Find Someone Who Inspires You

Sometimes you have to look outside of yourself to find a greater sense of motivation. Whether it is an inspirational quote, a motivational speaker, or your favorite actor giving a speech, find it and use it to fuel your motivation. This could also mean setting and creating goals with your friends. Those closest to you could end up being your largest source of inspiration and motivation. It helps to have someone who will hold you accountable and be proud of your accomplishment.

Eliminate Outside Distractions

This is a trick many do solely during finals week, but it is a technique that should also be used throughout the semester. Create a workspace away from your phone, television, friends, and roommates, and try to keep the random social media scrolling to a minimum. It will lead you to feel more inclined to get your work done, so you are able to check up and reply to all of your messages and hangout with your friends.

As the end of semester stress starts to kick in, try one of these methods to keep you motivated through the very last day of finals. At the very least, the idea of winter break coming up should keep you going.

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