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As a diehard sports fan for most of my life, I’ve come to appreciate different times of year for different reasons. Winter brings the holiday season, which is always lovely, but it also has action in the NFL, NBA, EPL, NHL, and the college football playoffs. With spring comes the start of the MLB season, the start of the playoffs in the NBA and NHL, and also the end of the EPL season. The summer heats up with the stretch run in the MLB season, the end of the NBA Playoffs, and the Europa League in soccer. But the fall is my favorite time of year for sports, as you have games being played in the NFL, NBA, EPL, NHL, college football, and to put the icing on the cake, there are the MLB playoffs.

The MLB is in the midst of the World Series now. The NFL is in the middle of its season, with their marquee Thanksgiving games right around the corner. The NBA is just getting started, with the first games taking place on Tuesday, October 25. The NHL season has also just started and has had some very exciting games already. The EPL season has been underway for about a month and a half now. Lastly, college football is also in the middle of its season, producing countless highlights week in and week out.

Turn on your TV and virtually every night there will be a game on in some sport or another. That’s the secondary reason that I look forward to Halloween every year, the first being the actual holiday itself. This Halloween happens to fall on a Monday, which means there will be an NFL game, four NBA games, and an EPL match. There will also be a possible game five and six in the World Series on the day before and after Halloween, plus a number of NHL games on both days as well.

The only times of year that compete with the fall and even the winter in terms of the sheer amount of sporting events is when there is a special event that doesn’t occur annually, such as the Olympics or the World Cup. When either of these events takes place, the pure patriotism elevates the meaning of games.

So when the temperature starts to dip and you tire of Jimmy T’s, don’t worry about not having anything to do on a given night. There’s a plethora of games or matches underway and eagerly awaiting your viewership.

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