WONY DJ Spotlight: Meet The Amanda Show

12443708_10154043423604393_409644431_oTracey Cheek, Arts Editor

Tracey Cheek: What is the name of your show?

Amanda Ebert: The Amanda Show (so original, I know).

TC: How’d you get involved with WONY?

AE: I met someone in WONY and they got me interested/involved.

TC: What genre of music is your show?

AE: I’ll usually have a specific genre or theme that I’ll play for each of my shows. Recently I’ve done a Motown themed show as well as a places show were I only played songs with places in the title. I also play a lot of World music since I’m the World genre director.

TC: What makes your segment different from others?

AE. You never know what you’re gonna get! Just last week I interviewed a Nigerian artist on my show.

TC: Do you have any favorite songs to play?

AE: I don’t really have any favorite songs to play but I love playing songs I can really jam out to in the studio.

TC: Why should students tune in to your show?

AE: Because what else do you have going on Thursdays between 2:15ish and 4?

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