Reasons To Travel Now

Averi Amsterdam, Staff Writer airplanes-work-1

Traveling is important. Whether it is just a state over, across the country, or across an ocean, the world is different anywhere you go. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the rest of the world, but this is especially important to take advantage of when you’re young. It is easy to come up with excuses for not traveling– not having the money, the time, etc. However, at this age, there are many reasons why now is the time to travel:

No Attachments

At this stage in life, around the early twenties, students are fairly independent; at least independent in the sense of not having a full time job, a family to take care of, or an abundance of bills to pay. Sure, many college students are broke between student loans, college apartment bills, and car insurance, but when compared to adult life finances like a mortgage, a family, and more taxes, it is easy to realize students have more of an expendable income.

Self Discovery

Students who go away to college begin to learn who they are independently, apart from their family and home life. By traveling outside of situations not normally encountered at home or in the college, students can discover more of their personalities and interests.

New Perspectives

Traveling to new cities, states, or countries opens students’ minds to different and new perspectives on what is perceived to be “normal.”

School Breaks are Designated Time Off

Colleges designate breaks as time off, free of any school related responsibilities. This gives students more time to travel. In the “real” world (post-graduation) breaks like these will certainty be less frequent, and will have to be more planned out.

Easier to do Last Minute Travel

Being young allows you to be selfish. Without anyone relying on you to be some place by a certain time, it is easy to book a last minute adventure, alone or with friends.

Have as many adventures as you can, whether it’s a town over or an ocean away. There is an infinite number of places to be seen and more experiences to be had than are fathomable. Take advantage of your youth and freedom to explore the world. It’s an investment you won’t regret.

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