Positives Of November

Grace Carney, Staff Writer 

November. The second to last month before the year comes to a close, the ultimate heart of autumn, the second mark of daylight savings time. As a student, you may be beginning to struggle to stay on track while juggling courses, clubs, sports, and sleep. Deep into the semester but not quite at the tipping point of preparing for finals, it is crucial to remain focused and persist in executing diligence. With the unpredictable weather fluxes and constant cycles of exams, papers, and projects, it’s not surprising that many students may be running out of steam. One of the best ways to continue to embrace this period is to look forward to some of the most delightful, exciting things that come along with the month of November. Thanksgiving, autumnal attire, getting fired up for winter holidays, warm beverages, and the first snowfalls of the season are only a few of the most favorable aspects of the underrated month.

With Thanksgiving break only a weeks away, the all-American holiday is a universally cherished time for students, faculty, and staff alike. Having a couple days to sleep in your old bed, reconnect with relatives, and finally consume home cooked food is one the greatest gifts of November. Being able to catch up with friends from your hometown, having a few extra hours to indulge in films or shows, and not having to rush out the door for eight a.m. classes are additional bonuses.

Following Thanksgiving, Black Friday is a popular event in which thousands crowd malls, shopping outlets, department stores, and the like at the crack of dawn in anticipation of good sales. Plus, if your family is the type who sets up for winter holidays in advance, you can have fun by putting out decorations while jamming out to over-played holiday tunes.

Dressing for fall is another plus of the season. Pea coats, infinity scarves, cardigans, boots, plaid, flannels, vests and sweaters are only a few of the apparel pieces unique to the season of autumn.

Picking up a hot beverage, whether a warm cup of coffee, a new flavor of tea or a spiced latte, are also sweet little pick-me-up which can help you stay awake and warm you up from the inside out.

Curling up to a good book is also a favorite autumn past time. There is something particularly harmonious about sitting indoors, wrapped in a cozy blanket and becoming engrossed in an compelling novel. The coziness and simplicity of this activity cannot be mimicked during the warmer months.

The vivid hues of foliage which cover campus makes for both a scenic commute between classes, and a warm backdrop for photos. The crisp but not biting air makes for a perfect time to stroll about campus in a light jacket or pullover. Finally, waking up and seeing a pure white rush of ravishing snow falling elegantly and seamlessly, and then checking your email to find that classes have been cancelled due to one of the first snow days of the year, is a much celebrated plus of the season.

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