The Purrfect Cat-Craze

Rebecca Pollard, Culture Editor

It seems that with the rise of the internet came the rise of the cat. Cat pictures are everywhere online. They’re so abundant that it’s become nearly impossible to browse any social media website without bumping into a kitty picture (or two or three or four). They’ve clawed their way into popularity, and a handful of them have even gained legitimate internet fame. Who are these crazy cats? Why do they get this insane amount of attention? Here’s the 4-1-1 on our favorite furry friends.

Coming in as the fifth most popular cat on Instagram is Sam. Sam has earned his fame through his fur. More specifically, the black fur that grows in right above his eyes, making it appear as though Sam has eyebrows (hence his Instagram name; @samhaseyebrows). Currently he has 175k followers, and a frequently updated website called His owners claim that the fame has not gone to his head, and he is still the same ol’ Sam he was before his thousands of followers.

Fourth most popular in the Instagram world right now is P-chan. P-chan and his two friends (Nya-san and Tina) dominate the insta-game with 221k followers. Their Instagram features all three of them, individually as well as together, in artsy poses all over their beautiful ho me. They, too, have a link in their bio to a website where you can shop for professional photos of your favorite cat. In case you want to check them out, their shared Instagram account name is @ryotukoro.

Snoopy is next in line as the third most-followed cat on Instagram. The exotic shorthair sports an impressive mustache, with a little pink nose in the middle of his long whiskers to complete his smart look. His Instagram, @snoopybabe, has 300k followers. His face is so mushed into his head that it’s a wonder that he can function as normally as he does, but it does make for a very interesting, adorable look.

With 964k followers, Lil Bub is in second. She is described in her bio as “A lady, and a magical, one of a kind cat.” On her account, @iamlilbub, you can see that she seems to have an issue with her tongue. For some reason, it just hangs out of her mouth most of the time, giving her a really silly look. Her Instagram is almost entirely close-up face portraits, all with her mouth featured. It is her incredibly goofy face that her fame can be accredited to.

Nala takes first place with 2.3 million followers. Her Instagram, @Nala_Cat, features her wearing different costumes, playing with lots of toys, and even hanging out with friends. She has beautiful light-blue eyes that are also regularly featured in close-up photos. Recently she’s been doing some charity events, including the “Fur Ball” that occurred on October 4. The event’s purpose was to raise money for cat shelters, and it appears as though it was a success. You can check her out at her website

You’ll probably never be as popular as any of these cats, but you can become one of their followers and aspire to one day be more like them.


Lilbub (2nd Place)
Snoopy (3rd Place)
Sam (5th Place)
Nala (1st Place)
P-Chan (4th Place)

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