How To: Long Distance Relationships

Averi Amsterdam, Staff Writer

“Why are you in a long distance relationship when you can just find someone closer to you?”

“The distance isn’t worth it and it’s too hard.”

“I don’t know why you would do that to yourself.”

These are all questions that anyone in a long distance relationship hears all too often, and it’s true. This kind of relationship is not easy and isn’t for everyone. However, they can be worth it.


Communication is key

This clichéd saying could not be more true. Since you and your significant other are most likely apart more times than you are together, you don’t get to experience their presence often. Now, I’m not saying you have to be in constant communication, talking 24 hours a day, because lets be real, that’s just unreasonable. No one has time for that, and honestly, no one has that much to say. Ultimately, you have to figure out what works for your relationship. For some, it’s a few phone calls a day and texting when you can. For others, its more texting than talking, but getting to hear each other’s voice every night before bed. Some have scheduled video chat dates. No two relationships are the same. Therefore, the same communication methods wont work for everyone.

The Bottom Line: It is important to talk every day, no matter how long or short. Communication is a two way street that should always be open.


Plan trips to look forward to

We all know traveling doesn’t come cheap, especially as college students. Whether the distance between you and your significant other is an hour or several states, the trips to visit each other are crucial. What is the point of being in a relationship if you never see each other? Now, I’m not saying you have to visit each other every weekend, or even every month, but you should be there for the big moments – the birthdays, the holidays, graduations, etc. The trips give you something to look forward to. Create a countdown; so on those hard days when you’re down in the dumps, you can be easily reminded that you get to see your person soon.

The Bottom Line: Take turns – you go visit them and the next time, they will come visit you. The memories and their presence are worth every penny.


Get involved

If you spend every day, sunrise to sunset, upset and missing your significant other, you’re going to be miserable. Eventually, you will start to question the relationship, and it’ll just go downhill from there. Find things to do – get a job, join a club, volunteer, etc. There is something for everyone to do, go out and find what suits you.

The Bottom Line: The more involved you are, the less time you have to miss your person.

Bonus: You have more exciting things to talk about.


Snail mail

It sounds old fashioned, but send each other a letter or a package every once in a while. If they don’t know it’s coming, it’ll be a surprise when the mailman delivers it to their door. It is guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

The Bottom Line: Who doesn’t love snail mail?!



A greater sense of independence is something couples in long distance relationships acquire. Not only are you growing together through your relationship and strong bond, you’re also growing individually and independent of each other. Many people fail to remember how important independence is.

The Bottom Line: Don’t hold each other back. Self-growth is just as important as growing together.


In a long distance relationship, there is no such thing as “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have the money to visit right now.” Those are red flags (more commonly known as excuses). No matter the miles between the two of you, your love, your bond, your passion for each other keeps the relationship strong. Distance is only temporary.

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