Oneonta Sports Management Minor

Astrid Ressler, Copy Editor

This semester brought with it a revised minor in Sports Management for students at SUNY Oneonta. This minor is not new to campus as it has been offered for students to pick up since 1999.

Dr. Sandra Smith, of the Health and Fitness Department, put it eloquently when she explained in a brief interview that her department “felt the curriculum revisions to the minor were both timely and more fitting to the skills needed by sport managers in today’s society.”

It is definitely safe to assume that tactics, training, and everything else that goes into being a manager in the world of sports has changed in more ways than one over the last 16 years.

Along with revising the minor, the school decided to revise many of the courses required for it and bring in new courses altogether to be taught in relation to the Sports Management minor.

Some of the new classes, just by reading their titles alone, definitely speak to the issues that have been headlined in the news over the last few years, namely “Legal Issues in Sports”, “The Media and College Sports” and “Sport and American Society”.

Even if the minor does not appeal to you as a whole, some of the classes may still peak your interest if you are involved in sports for fun or you are intrigued by the history of sports. “Women in Sports” and “Athletics, Society, and History” are both options that Sports Management minors can choose to take for credit, as well as other students on campus who need to take Liberal Arts courses for their degree.

Dr. Smith explained that this revised minor and the new or revised classes were all recently reviewed and passed through the university’s curriculum committee just last spring.

If you find any of these classes fascinating or if taking a minor in Sports Management is something that you would be interested in doing, make an appointment with your advisor to talk about the classes or the minor further to make a plan to take these new classes that will be offered for the spring semester.Sports Management

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