4 Reasons to Double Date

Ashley Parent, Contributing Writer

There is no gray area when it comes to the topic of double dating, you either love the idea or hate it completely. Double dating, however, is all about meeting new people and building upon already existing relationships, which both lead to a more full life. If you, as a couple, plan the evening well, from choosing the right couple to go out with, to not letting awkward moments ruin your night, then it will surely not end in disaster.

Double dating can take away any jitters you might have early on in the relationship.

Whether it is a blind date or your first time out with your crush, double dating can take the pressure off the special night. You do not have to worry if it will go perfectly, because it is easy to go into double dates with little to no expectations. As a group of four, there is sure to be conversation of some sort, even if it is simply about everyone’s week. There will be no prolonged silences that usually come with a couple’s first outing. The date will allow you to get in touch with the lives of others and to stop focusing on whether your breath smells, your palms are sweaty, or thoughts of the first kiss.

Be careful. If you are being set up with one of your friend’s mutual friends through their partner, be sure to get basic information about that person so you are not shocked when you arrive at the date.

It is a chance to get to know people in other social circles.

Going out with like-minded people and partaking in activities everyone enjoys will introduce you to a wide variety of people who are active in different aspects of campus life. One night you and your partner could go to a dance class with a couple who also enjoys dancing, and another night you might attend a rock concert with a couple who is into the same band. You could make a new friend that you will hang out with aside from a date setting as well.

Be careful. Choose a couple to go out with that you think will enjoy you and your partner’s company and vice versa. Everyone should be comfortable in the setting in which they will get to know each other, but should be willing to go out of their comfort zone. Because you want no person to feel left out, find people that you will be sure to have something to talk about with as an entire group.

You may get to spend your night with your BFF.

If you and your best friend have been kept apart due to a blooming new relationship, a double date is a chance for you two to hang out and to introduce your partners to each other. It’s even better when you are already acquainted with each other and interested in similar activities.

Be careful. Do not spend the entire night catching up with your best friend on your life and your problems. Make sure every person in the group gets to share and converse, and talk about events and ideas that you are all collectively interested in.

Going out with other people can enhance the bond between you and your partner.

A double date is a chance to see your boyfriend or girlfriend communicate with other people, possibly seeking their advice and validation on his or her thoughts and feelings. This can make you feel good to be involved with that person and give you a new perspective on your relationship. The night will also provide you both with new memories to look back on as a couple.

Be careful. It is best to avoid comparing your relationship to the other couple’s because that will only ruin your night and cause an unnecessary argument between you and your partner. Accept that every relationship is different and try to learn from what you admire about the other couple.

In double dating, the perks surely outweigh the pitfalls. Give it a chance!

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