Four Songs To Send You Into Summer

Marielle Genovesi, Arts Editor 

1. “Dunes,” Alabama Shakes:  Off of Alabama Shakes newly released sophomore album, Sound & Color, this track is easily one of the funkiest songs they’ve done, and that is saying something. The perfect track to listen to while taking a drive with the windows down, or while laying out the on front lawn the last couple weeks of school. You won’t be able to get your head out of the funky melodies plucked out on the guitar or away from the delicious vocals of lead singer Brittany Howard.

2. “Love Is On The Way,” Kuroma:
This newer band recently released their first album, Kuromarama. This is probably the perfect track to listen to while chilling with friends on the rooftop or on a solo walk or bike ride around town. The light, bright melody screams sunny day at the beach, and just makes you want to bop your head and smile. The twangy guitar riffs just seem to beckon you in to a good mood.

3. “Are You Ready (On Your Own),” Distant Cousins: This band is honestly such a gem, and a great band to listen to in the warmer months. This track comes off Distant Cousin’s 2014 self-titled EP. On a blue sky, sunny day,this song will make you want to run for miles. The stampede-like beat is never ending in the best way, and it’s just plain fun. The horns are also pretty damn fantastic.

4. “Renegades,” X Ambassadors: This single was released in 2015, a little less peppy than the previous songs suggested on the list, but still a feel good song for sure. Its catchy chorus and guitar part are good for a nap in the sun, or maybe another drive. Best listened to when in need of some cheering up or happy reflection.

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