Refresh Your Beverage

Maureen Auricchio- Staff Writer

Tired of plain tasting water? Mix it up by adding lemon, mint leaves, lime or orange. Water makes up about 60 percent of your body. It is found in saliva and mucus, it helps to regulate body temperature, works as a shock absorber within the brain and spinal cord, a lubricant for joints, it is found in urine and helps body cells to grow and reproduce. Water is vital to survive, men require about 3 liters per day while women require 2.2. This varies with the level of physical activity an individual performs. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, in simpler terms, men should have about 13 cups of water and women should have nine.
If you are someone who hates plain water try these fun water combinations:

Use a couple slices of:
– Cucumber and mint
– Lemon and mint
– Watermelon and mint
– Lemon and basil
– Lemon and lime
– Ginger and lemon
– Orange and pineapple
– Cucumber and rosemary

The combinations are endless!

By incorporating these combinations into water you will feel less obligated to drink a boring glass of water, plus you are getting a more nutritional intake.
Cucumber are found to contain antioxidants and can help with inflammation while also containing vitamin K, which will help prevent blood clotting. Lemons have vitamin C, vitamin B and has cancer fighting power. They can also help with indigestion and aids in digestion.  Rosemary is a fragrant herb which has sources of calcium, iron and vitamin B6. This herb has been shown to improve memory and circulation.
Now that you have some ideas of what benefits flavored water can provide, go fill up a glass and try a combination.

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