WONY 90.9 f.m. DJ SPOTLIGHT: Johanna Beukema

Marielle Genovesi, Arts Editor

The State Times: What is your  DJ name?

Joanna Beukema: I don’t really have a DJ name. I talk very little on the radio because I like to fit in as many songs as I can play. I know when I listen to the radio I do not like it when the DJ goes on and on talking. However, my show’s name is I Love KAT’s because I am in a sorority called KAT and I love cats.

ST: At what times do you usually DJ for WONY?

JB: I DJ every Monday from 4 to 5 p.m.

ST: How did you get involved with WONY?

JB: I trained and took my test in Spring 2013 when I was a sophomore. I started to DJ that following fall.

ST: How long have you been involved with WONY?

JB: This will be my fourth semester involved with WONY.

ST: What type of music do you usually play?

JB: On the website it says my show is Top 200 but I actually play much more dance. It is chillwave, down-beat dance that you most likely would not hear in a club.

ST: Do you do anything unique or different during your segment on the show?

JB: I would not say I do anything really different during my show. I strictly DJ for the music factor because I want to expose people to great music that they may not hear otherwise.

ST: What are some of your favorite songs to play as of late?

JB: Any song by Purity Ring, “Real” by Years and Years, “Pulsing” by Tomas Barfod and “Hanging On” by Active Child.

ST: Why should students tune into WONY during your segment?

JB: People should tune to WONY because it supports the students who DJ and they may really like what they hear. All the DJs do a really great job and are passionate about music.

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