Foods That’ll Help Your Skin Glow

Maureen Auricchio- Staff Writer

Nutrition is the basis of our bodies. We use the nutrients in food to fuel our cells which allows them to function properly. The first place to observe your nutritional state is in your skin. Your skin can tell you a lot of things. For instance, dark patches around your neck or underarms could be a sign of diabetes. Low intake of water can cause the skin to look dry. The foods in this article have double purposes, they can be used internally or externally. Keep these in mind to have the optimal glow.
Strawberries have the power of vitamin C, which can defend against wrinkles and soothe dry skin. Try applying a berry-hydrated mask to moisturize and smooth skin.
Olive oil has anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidants. Olive oil is important to include in your diet but you can use it externally too. Apply it to lips to soothe skin or apply it to a dry spot. Rubbing some on your elbow or heels will also help to reduce the roughness of skin.
Green tea contains inflammation-fighting antioxidants and may reduce the risk of cancer. Tea can be excreted quickly, but adding a squeeze of lemon to the tea may allow longer absorption in the body. Try drinking about three cups a day, but no more than five. You can place chilled tea bags over your eyes for about 15 minutes, which will help to reduce puffiness.
Pumpkin has carotenoids which help to decrease radicals in the skin, this can help to slow aging. Pumpkin is full of vitamins C, E and A, along with hydrating properties which can leave skin smooth and softened.
Pomegranate is also full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which can decrease facial puffiness. Use the food processed seeds, uncooked oatmeal, honey and buttermilk to create a scrub to cleanse skin.
Eating is all about moderation. Too much of one vegetable or fruit could be potentially harmful because there is risk for a vitamin toxicity depending on the amount and solubility of a vitamin.

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