SA Budget 2014-15


The State Times would like to apologize for the misprinting of the SA Budget in Issue 6. Below are PDF files of the correct budget

The Student Association’s Finance Board, which is comprised of eight students (most of who are studying business), worked diligently to disperse next year’s budget. Please find your club’s projected budget and look it over carefully. If you feel that your club disagrees with our disbursement, please come to the Student Association office to sign up for a grievance hearing. Hearings will be starting this upcoming Sunday March 23rd and will end Friday March 28th. Additional information about this grievance process will be available when clubs sign up for their slot.

-Louis Rawiszer

Student Association Vice President of Finance

SA Budget 14-15 requests

SA Budget 14-15 revenue

SA Budget 14-15 core

SA Budget 14-15 rollover

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