Mixing it up in the Dining Hall

Sarah Meltzer, Staff Writer


The dining hall: A place to sit down, relax and talk to friends while munching on some tasty treats. It seems, at first glance, to offer the widest varieties of favored foods. Who wouldn’t want a hamburger, fries and a side of ice cream for every meal? But let’s focus on the operative words: EVERY MEAL.  It seems that college students get lost in a food vortex of monotony, creating boredom in the dining hall experience. When eating the same thing at the same time every day, the me gets taken out of meal, and we forget to satisfy ourselves. It’s not simply about stocking up on calories–eating should be a creative time to experiment with flavors and satisfy taste buds. It can be so simple to mix it up and keep it fresh, while straying off the road to the “freshman 15.”
Grilled chicken is perfect for a diet that prefers protein over fat. It is an extremely healthy meat to add to any meal and is offered at every dining hall. Rather than just slsaladapping it on a greasy, carb-loaded bun, use a wrap as a substitute. Wraps are much less bread, creating a healthier alternative. And don’t forget to add some fresh vegetables and light Italian dressing to provide some pizazz. If wraps seem to consume your weeks, then mix it up and add the grilled chicken to a serving of whole wheat pasta. This can make a small bowl of noodles all the more satisfying. However, if you want to be resourceful and take advantage of offered products, don’t be afraid to lay an egg white omelet with cheese upon a patty of grilled chicken. With a simple addition of hot sauce, a flavorful and high-protein meal can be consumed.
Although grilled chicken is so versatile, lettuce can be adaptable as well. You have to think outside the bowl and remember that lettuce is not only useful only in salads. A great way to cut down on carbs is to make lettuce wraps. But before you load up a sandwich, remember that bread can be replaced with lettuce, creating a chef salad on the go. But, if you were feeling in the mood for a salad, yet wanted something more than just the usual fixings, be brave and add some fresh fruit. By adding a few chunks of oranges or apples, a completely new taste of a Mediterranean meal develops. But a daily diet consists of more than just breakfast, lunch, and dinner; you need to have dessert sometimes. Rather than getting the usual leaning tower of ice cream on Sundae Wednesday, try an ice-cream parfait.  Fill your cup with some frozen yogurt and add these delectable treats: peanut butter, granola and bananas. Although not the healthiest indulgence, it is an amazing substitute for a bowl of chunky monkey ice-cream topped with chocolate syrup.
Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. It should be exciting to try new things and it can be beneficial for your heart to feed it well!

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