Metal Fans Spend Valentine’s Day At Unforgettable NYC Show

Pat Boody, Staff Writer

Many spent their Valentine’s Day this year at the Acheron in Brooklyn, seeing the bands Turnstile, Diamond Youth and Angel Du$t take the stage along with a few others. These bands are comprised of some of the members of hardcore band Trapped Under Ice, which is currently undergoing a hiatus to focus on side projects. Trapped Under Ice sticks strong to its Baltimore roots as do Turnstile, Diamond Youth and Angel Du$t. The first band that went on, Angel Du$t, featured the lead singer of Trapped Under Ice, Justice Tripp. He is also the vocalist of Angel Du$t, which provided the crowd with a modernized version of an old-school punk band. Fast-paced, heavy guitar riffs were accompanied by Tripp’s extremely distinct vocals and persona, but in a modified form when compared to his hardcore band.


Diamond Youth contains drummer Brendan Yates and guitarist Sam Trapkin, both playing a style of music that wasn’t exactly expected by original fans of the band’s previous work, but enjoyable nonetheless. With influences such as Weezer and the Foo Fighters, they were initially a different addition to the lineup. However, they were warmly welcomed. The musicianship Yates and Trapkin showed in Trapped Under Ice is seen in a different light and new fashion with Diamond Youth. An ability to play multiple genres is an impressive feat and has allowed many people to truly appreciate the talented musicians really stepping out of their original style of music.

But the energy really picked up when Turnstile came on the stage. In Turnstile, Yates switches it up and becomes the lead vocalist for yet another Baltimore-based hardcore group. The place was in constant motion, living up to the band’s motto of “Non-stop feeling.” Every single person in the crowd was moving, whether in the pit, stage diving or running to the front row to recite the emotion-filled lyrics. The small venue was barely able to house all who attended, but it was best this way. Yate’s voice and relatable lyrics, along with the band’s obvious love and passion for their hardcore music is what really makes the band stand out in a scene where many are accused of sounding alike. Although offering various genres, this was a true hardcore show. Turnstile provided an upbeat, unique hardcore sound that will be prominent for quite some time.

Trapped Under Ice was a frontrunner on the hardcore scene, yet have gone on hiatus. The previous members are all in very promising bands as secondary projects and they have retained much of the same loyal fan base, along with some newcomers. Overall, this show was incredible; nothing but pure love for the music was evident here, seen in both the bands who played and the fans who attended. If you’re into hardcore and are given the chance, take the train into the city and the subway into Brooklyn, you’ll see a new tier of show–one that will leave an impact on you as a person and change the way you view music.

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