Getting to Know Alyshia Crawford

Anthony Beers, Staff Writer

If anyone has ever gone to an Oneonta women’s basketball game, they have definitely seen Alyshia Crawford play. She is one of the keys to the team’s success and sat down this week with the State Times for an interview.

Q: What got you interested in basketball in the first place?

A: What first interested me in basketball was when I moved to a new school. I was an outsider compared to everyone else and basketball made school enjoyable. My passion grew from there. Now with my playing career coming to an end, I remind myself daily why I love playing basketball.

Q: You currently lead the team in scoring and three point percentage. What do you do to master your craft and stay on top of your game?

A: I’ve always been a gym rat, trying to improve my weaknesses and develop them into strengths. I’ve always had the mentality of working hard to become the best player I can. Extra time in the gym every day before or after practice has helped my confidence and scoring.

Q: The team has been enjoying a very positive season. With SUNYACS around the corner, how do you feel about the tournament?

A: I’m excited about going into SUNYACS within the next few weeks. Our team is doing well in conference play, even with losing a few games, we are right there competitively. Not to mention our chemistry is amazing and it helps benefit our group. It’s great having your teammates be your friends and everyone caring about another. Our chemistry and willingness to do anything for each other will give us an edge over other teams.


Q: As a senior, what are some of your best memories of being a part of Oneonta basketball?

A: I have a lot of great memories from being a member of the basketball team. I have met a lot of awesome people who I’m lucky to call my friends. Being a member of the team has also given me a lot of traveling opportunities to places like Las Vegas, Orlando and most recently, Puerto Rico.

Q: Do you feel enough fans go to games for the Red Dragons?

A: More fans would always be a benefit at the games. We appreciate anyone who comes to watch us play, it means a lot that we have support!

Q: You and the team went on a trip to Puerto Rico earlier this season where you hit a game-winning three-pointer in one of the games. What was that experience like as a whole?

A: That experience is one that I will remember for a lifetime. After scoring, I was in shock, and my teammates were running out onto the court screaming and jumping.  I never figured that would happen to me, but it felt like something in a movie.  A truly indescribable moment besides shock and joy!

Q: Do you think you will be dancing this March?

A: I believe that our team has a pretty good opportunity to  go dancing. I have faith in our team in the upcoming games.

Q: Is it true that you played quarterback for the football team in your home town?

A: I did! I played modified football in seventh and eighth grade, playing both cornerback and quarterback.

Be sure to support both Crawford and the women’s basketball team as they prepare for the  SUNYAC tournaments.

2011 NCAA Basketball - Buffalo State Bengals at Oneonta State Red Dragons (65-61) - December 2, 2011


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