The Juicing Reboot

Tracey Cheek, Staff Writer

A reboot is a time where one consumes only fruits, vegetables, herbal teas and water to kick-start weight loss and healthy habits. Basically, it’s a spa-day for your body, taking in the good and getting rid of the bad. It takes one week of dedication and hard work, but by the end of the week one should feel energized, refreshed and be able to kick the habit of craving unhealthy foods. How does one complete said reboot? A “juice cleanse”–which is much easier said than done.

First things first, purchase a juicer. Not a smoothie maker, a juicer. Juicers completely liquefy any food and make it drinkable and easier to consume. This allows you to consume the required amount and then some of fruits and vegetables per day with minimum preparation. Another plus of juicing – all your meals can be on the go. So if you are the type of person to skip a meal throughout the day as a side effect of too much work, try making yourself a juice drink during the day to keep your body going.

The reboot itself, a five-day juice cleanse, is where the real challenge is. Follow the website and it will provide you with each and every step to take along the way. The site provides a shopping list and all foods come out to about $40 for the week. The list includes herbs, fruits and vegetables. This particular reboot provides a guideline with different options for every meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert juices. For example, breakfast is either an orange or red juice and there are three orange and three red juices to choose from. So no one will get tired of drinking the same juice meal after meal. This website also provides more juices to try that are beneficial to incorporate into your everyday routine!
Light exercise is recommended during this reboot, because it is a time to give your body a rest. It’s important to keep hydrated during the cleanse; water, coconut water and herbal tea are all allowed. Even if you are not up for five days of strict juicing, it can’t hurt to have a juice here and there throughout the day. It’s an easy and tasty way to add fruits and veggies into your daily diet.

The benefits of juicing are endless. It is a great way to jumpstart weight loss and to feel refreshed and energized naturally. Flood your body with plant-based energy, vitamins and minerals. If you’re looking for a way to easily incorporate healthy foods into your diet, juicing is definitely the way to do so.

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