How to Make the Ultimate Graham Cracker Mansion

Donna EberhartStaff Writer

What you need:
1 tray
A box of graham crackers (your choice of flavor)
2 cans of frostinghouse
Melting wafers
Wax paper
Microwave-safe bowl
Hershey’s Kisses
M&Ms or Skittles
Life Savers
Ice Cream Cones
Snow Caps
Fruit Rollup
Mini Candy Canes

Take some frosting and spread it on the tray. While it’s still soft, make the graham cracker base for your mansion so that when the frosting hardens, the crackers are firm in place.
Once the frosting is hard and the base plan for the house is set, stack crackers by their edges on top of one another, using more of the frosting to hold them in place.
Then, cover the top with graham crackers  to form the “ceiling.”  If the opening is too big to stop the crackers from falling, use the melting wafers. Pour them in a microwave-safe bowl, microwave for the appropriate amount of time, pour a big square or rectangle (depending on what shape the opening is) on wax paper. Tip: make it thick. Let it chill, then use for the ceiling.
When the ceiling is completed, it’s time to decorate! Spread more frosting on the ceiling. On the borders of the ceiling, while it’s still soft, use Hershey’s Kisses to decorate. Then place the M&Ms or Skittles to cover the rest of the ceiling.
To make the windows, put some frosting on the life savers and stick them to the sides of the graham crackers. If you’d like to make a door, use the M&Ms or Skittles to make the outline at the front of the house and don’t forget to frost them, too!
Next, cover the ice cream cones in frosting. Before it hardens, stick Snow Caps on it to cover it. Place the cone upside down on the tray surrounding the house so that the tip is facing up. You may also decorate an ice cream cone with frosting and the sprinkles you have. Tip: roll the frosted cone into the sprinkles so they stick better.
Use the Fruit Rollup to make the path in front of the house leading to the door. On either side of the path, place the gumdrops (and frost them, of course).
Lastly, take the Candy Canes and put frosting on their ends. Stick them around the edge of the tray to make a gate for the house. Then stop and take a picture before you devour it all. Happy Holidays!

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