Deck the Halls, on a College Budget!

Donna EberhartStaff Writer

December is a month of pure holiday spirit and what better way to celebrate the holiday spirit than to decorate your dorm? Students have already set up their rooms for the excitement of upcoming holidays and even for those past, like Hanukkah. But if you’re one of those students who just can’t seem to find the right decorations and for the right price, then you’re not alone. Thousands of people spend hundreds of dollars every year on decor, but for those of us unable to afford that human-size, light-up snowman or those small but incredibly expensive figurines, this article will ensure that your spirit, along with your money, will be saved.
Firstly, the best advice to give is to make a trip to the dollar store. The dollar store offers holiday decorations that are both cheap and useful. The dollar store’s products range from corny yet cute window decals to glitzy garlands that can be hung on the walls or windows. The greatest part? You won’t be spending fifty dollars for it. And it adds a nice touch to your dorm, no matter how small it may be.
Next up, your local craft store is the place to go. With the holidays having already arrived and arriving still, the craft store is sure to have some great deals on decorations.  Here, you can get a range of items- from colored flowers representing the holiday (for example, red and green for Christmas) to beautiful wreaths that fit right over your doorknob.
Last but not least, Walmart always has tons of decoration choices for the holidays. You can even buy a string of lights for three dollars! They also offer bows and even blankets with certain prints associated with your holiday [to make your bed destive.] Added bonus: with winter fast approaching, the blankets are a great way to keep warm, too.
So grab your wallets and head out! Now that you have the above destinations in mind, all you have to do is get there. By the end of your shopping trip, you will be highly satisfied with how little you spent for the number of decorations you bought.


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