Answers to Last Week’s Crossword

Katie Ritchie Contributing Writer 

The only U.S President with a birthday in September/ Taft
To Autumn/ Keats
Leaves change color when this disappears/ chlorophyll
Learned to write music notes before words/ Mozart
Location of the First Thanksgiving/ Plymouth
Thanksgiving is on the second Monday of October/ Canada
The only team in NFL history to go undefeated/ Dolphins
Texan singer shot by fan/ Selena
Composed Für Elise/ Beethoven
Introduced Jack O’Lantern tradition/ Irish
Originated from Greek word for “Large Melon”/ Pumpkin
Has sold more than 200 million cups of pumpkin spice since it was first introduced/ Starbucks
September 22/Autumn
First NFL team to use their logo on their helmet/ Rams
The study of paranormal phenomenon/parapsychology
The only apples native to North America/ Crabapple
Autumnal Equinox/ September
September birthstone/ Sapphire
The newest of the four fashion capitals/ London

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