Be the Joan of your Vag Arc

Gemma Pinto – Contributing Writer

From the monumental day that girls take the leap from young ladies to women, they are wired to believe that such an event is shameful, embarrassing and something to be hidden. Occurring monthly, this is a secret that cannot and should not  be kept. Getting your period is natural; half of the population has either gotten it, is getting it, or has their period right this second. So why are women so quick to deny that it is their “time of the month?” Despite the fact that every girl is bound to get their period at one point in their life, it still happens to be a messy subject to talk about.
Commercials and advertisements paint menstruation to be a happy and fun gift  from Mother Nature. You must have seen them, the woman prancing around in her underwear talking about pads or the extreme athletes that dive into pools or play intense tennis all too well because of the tampons they use.
These dramatized advertisements give a false impression of what periods are actually like for women. However, a new commercial has taken the pad by its wings. Helloflo, an online company that sends care packages specifically for you and your period, has aired “The Camp Gyno,” introducing viewers to a whole other world of feminine care advertisements.

The young girl who plays the role of the camp gyno takes pride in getting her period since she is the “first one to get it.” She goes on to provide the other camp girls with tampons, demonstrates menstruation with a play doll and yells at the other girls to “suck it up” in regards to their cramps. Her character is fierce, comparing herself to Joan of Arc to which she believes she is “the Joan” and “their vag, the arc.”
The camp gyno is frank, using the words “vag,” “vagina,” “menstruation,” and “period” in a casual and nonchalant manner. If a young girl can openly embrace her “red badge of courage,” let alone talk about it, then why can’t we?
The masterminds behind the commercial send out a positive message and connotation about the monthly cycle. Helloflo encourages us to believe and understand that having your period is nothing to be quiet about. It encourages young girls to welcome their period and for women to not be so bashful about that time of month. It’s a normal part of life that we cannot escape so we might as well do it with pride.
The next time you think about hiding your pad in your pocket or aimlessly looking around as the cashier rings up your tampons, just remember that you too can wear your own red badge, with courage.

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