Mad for Madlibs: Campus Chaos

Krsytal DeLuc – Contributing Writer

[Person’sName] bolted out of the [Adjective] lecture hall, raced for the doors to leave IRC and start [his/her] lengthy trip back to [Residence Hall Name]. As soon as [he/she] looked out the windows, [he/she] noticed the world practically [ING Verb] outside. Sheets of [Noun]-sized rain were [ING Verb] and pelting down on campus. The claps of thunder and flashes of lighting [Past Tense Verb] directly over the quad as [he/she] [Adverb] stared out into the chaos. Unsure of whether to [Verb] for it all the way across campus, or to wait it out, [Same Name] waited until [New Person’s Name] got out of [his/her ] [Noun] class and they decided to risk it for the [Noun]. They [Past Tense Verb] open the doors and hurried down the [Noun] and [Verb] for their lives through the [Adjective, Adjective] puddle that the quad had become. Their [Noun] splashed with every step as they felt the water [ING Verb] through to the feet.  The rain continued with no mercy as [Same Name] and [Old Name] struggled not to drop their [Noun] and [Noun] while [Adverb] running. They reached the stairs above Jazzman’s but on their way down their momentum caused them [Verb] and [Verb] on the steps. They reached the [Noun] right as Schumacher was struck with [Noun].


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