John Mayer Finds His Own Paradise On Rootsy New Album

Tracey Cheek, Staff Writer

John Mayer is coming in strong with the release of his sixth and most recent album, “Paradise Valley.” Each and every song on this album tells a vivid story; perfect songs to just kick back and relax to. This album shows maturity musically and publicly. Many hold a grudge against him for insensitive comments he has made in the past, but “Paradise Valley” shows positivity and a new outlook for Mayer. This album will take you on a journey, traveling down the beautiful country roads that Mayer has been on in his recent years.

The first single off the album, “Paper Doll,” was released over the summer with a lyric video of a middle-aged woman prancing peacefully in the streets. However, this strange video is not why everyone is talking about the song. Many claim that it is written in response to Mayer’s former fling, Taylor Swift. With lyrics like “twenty-two girls in one,” and referring to the color red, fans are positive this song is written about Taylor Swift and their past together.

The album opens with “Wildfire,” a song that can put anybody in the mood for a summer night bonfire. Another song mid-album is titled “Wildfire” as well. This interlude features R&B artist Frank Ocean and contributes deeper, bittersweet vibes to the album. Another artist is featured on the moving, emotional song “Who You Love,” whose lyrics are sung so powerfully by the lovebirds themselves, Mayer and pop-star Katy Perry. It’s no cheesy love song, as the harmonizing of the couple’s voices and Perry’s genuine giggle at the end of the song, combined with Mayer’s guitar chords, will win over the hearts of almost anyone.

“Paradise Valley” gives off the Wild West, country vibes, diversified with John Mayer’s acoustic blues style, and Mayer clearly drew inspiration from his own backyard in Paradise Valley, Montana. So kick back, relax and create your very own “Paradise Valley.”

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