Preparations in Order but Still No Groom

Brooke Edwards, Staff Writer

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Most will admit that it’s pretty common to think about what the future may have in store, and possibly even idealize about the perfect wedding. Ladies, have you ever sat there wondering ‘if I were to get married now, who would I choose to be my maid of honor, and how many brides maids should I have?’ Have you ever thought about what season you would like to hold the ceremony in, or which color arrangements you may prefer? Many women admit to daydreaming about such situations, but some claim to even go a step further and do more than just fantasize.

With just the click of a button, the Internet and social media give women the opportunity to identify and organize wedding fantasies at their fingertips. Engaged women are not the only ones who utilize these sites. Single women have admitted to creating wedding boards on websites where you can collect and categorize personal “bulletin boards.” Amongst college students, Pinterest seems to be the most popular. One student admitted to naming her wedding board: “Hopefully Someday …” there she keeps wedding ideas together from save the date cards, and party favors to wedding/bridesmaid dresses, theme ideas and venues.

Is it strange to begin making wedding arrangements before a significant other has popped the question, or before there is a significant other in the picture at all? From a man’s perspective, Lucner Frederique would say, yes. “Suppose a woman’s dream wedding is huge and costly but her companion cannot afford it, then what?” Frederique feels that the world has so much to offer. “It takes time to figure yourself out, and as time progresses you figure out more of what you really want. Once the right man comes into your life I assure he will do everything within his power to bring your dream wedding alive.”

SUNY Oneonta Student Erin Welch says, almost every girl wants to have a dream wedding. “Some girls want everything involved to be perfect, and if you plan ahead there is a good chance of making it happen.” However, there are circumstances when women are extremely meticulous, but for the wrong reasons. Welch feels that some people tend to lose sight of what marriage is all about, and do it strictly for appearances: “they go completely overboard and act as if a wedding is an opportunity to say—look how happy I am, this is the life I live.”

Lisa Morse, a clinical psychologist says that planning so far ahead may present an obstacle in finding and keeping a partner, according to The New York Times. She says, “finding somebody who wants to be plugged into your life exactly the way it is, and all the choices you’ve made, is not so easy.” Morse believes that “for some it may be much easier to plan a wedding than it is to form a meaningful relationship that is going to lead to a fulfilling marriage.”

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