With the Jets in Free-Fall, Will the Fans Crash and Burn With Them?

Anthony Beers, Staff Writer

   Everybody around here knows a Jets fan. Supporting gang green is an erratic experience beyond comprehension. After a big win Jets fans act like they are Super Bowl bound and after a big loss they act like the Jets are the worst team in the NFL. Demands from Jets fans are high being in New York, but over the years they have struggled winning the big game. When head coach Rex Ryan led the Jets to consecutive AFC championship game appearances in his first two years, all football fans thought the Jets would be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. But due to poor management and coaching, things for the Jets have changed drastically for the worse.

   Thanksgiving night against the Patriots was the peak of the Jets struggles this season. It was a complete mockery of a game where the Jets were embarrassed on national television to the point where it was comical. The Patriots scored 35 unanswered points in the second quarter. It was so bad that beloved Jets fan Fireman Ed actually retired from being a fan. He may be the first fan ever to “retire,” as he tore off his Mark Sanchez jersey, left the game at halftime and deactivated his Twitter account. Fireman Ed’s disgust and frustrations are symbolic of every Jets fan’s woes.

   The Jets’ problems this season have purely been a result of poor management. The Jets inexperience at the wide receiver position, lack of depth from the running back position and poor offensive line play were not addressed in the offseason, instead the big attribute in the offseason was with that of quarterback Tim Tebow. When the Jets traded for Tebow the team’s intentions were not clear, but sportswriters and fans assumed that due to new offensive coordinator Tony Sporano the Jets would look to run more wildcat looks due to Tebow’s ability to run the football. Instead, the Jets showed zero creativity in the passing game for Tebow or Sanchez. And with young receivers like Jeremy Kerley and Stephen Hill having to carry the torch in the passing game after Santonio Holmes’ season ending injury, it’s clear that some sort of changes have to be made.

   Some Jets fans claim it’s Tebow time and that the team has struggled enough this season so what do the Jets have to lose? Well, Jets fans should realize the team did absolutely nothing to help the struggling Sanchez in the offseason, or the regular season and that’s on general manager Mike Tannebaum and Ryan. Ryan is a head coach that knows defense, but on the offensive end is all about running the football. Yet the Jets don’t have the offensive line depth to generate a running game and after Shonn Greene who has been mediocre all season, the Jets don’t have many other running options. One could argue that the Jets should use Tebow more as a dual running threat in the backfield with Greene. Something like this could work, which was how Tebow had success with minimal passing attempts in Denver last season. But so far this year whenever Tebow has been in the game he’s run the same exact wildcat play, a zone read that goes over the middle for little to no gain. It’s mysterious how something like this can last all season. The Tebow trade has been nothing but a controversy and a distraction instead of a benefit. So Jets fans have been left wondering, why did Tannebaum get Tebow in the first place?

   On the other side of the ball, the defense has been solid but they’ve really struggled with injuries. Obviously the most significant being all pro cornerback Darrelle Revis. Revis’ season ending injury minimizes the threat of Ryan’s blitz patterns due to less dependent coverage in the secondary, the game plan has not changed. This is a serious problem for the head coach that could result in him getting fired. He has not changed his coaching strategy after injuries and new signings. It’s the coach’s job to adjust to his players and it’s the general manager’s job to find players that could fit for the coach. This year neither of these things have happened so distractions have risen, tensions are high and the Jets are in serious hot water.

   But what of Jets fans? What of these souls who’s loyalty can’t be questioned? Through thick and thin the Jets fans have always been there. Bragging or complaining perhaps, but that’s not uncharacteristic of New York sports fans. It’s a tough life being a Jets fan, but the tradition of gang green will never die and one day there will be new hope for Jets fans. In other words, the roller coaster will continue and Jets fans will be there to say something about it.

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