Madden NFL 13: A Touchdown or A Three and Out?

Adam Lis, Contributing Writer

   It is football season once again, and that can only mean that a new Madden NFL game has come out. Any college-aged football fan that has access to a video game console most likely has, or is going to, spend a vast amount of their free time indulging into one of, if not the best video game franchise on the market.

   Madden NFL 13 has increased greatly from last year; the graphics are intense and extremely realistic, the computer artificial intelligence has increased and players tend to play like they do in real life. The receivers and defensive backs actually fight for the ball in the air and the linebackers no longer swat away every loose ball but instead actually go for the interception. The game flow has also increased; no more freezes or glitches. One of the most interesting new features has to be the legend career game mode. Players can actually play the career of the hall of fame greats, such as Barry Sanders, Troy Aikman, Jerry Rice and the greatest defensive back to ever play the game, Deion “Prime Time” Sanders.

   All in all, the game is terrific and I recommend everyone play it at least once. It’s fall and that means football season.

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