A Good Read for the Heroines of Our Time

Laura Arias, Staff Writer

   This book review is in honor of Women’s History Month. Maureen Murdock published “The Heroine’s Journey” in 1990 and it has been a well known text for understanding a female’s journey through life ever since. It is said that “The Heroine’s Journey” is essentially a map of the feminine healing process. This healing is not necessarily physical, but rather emotional and psychological.

   The book suggests that women have been deceived by society because the expected roles that have been placed upon them have restricted their abilities and made them conform to a system in which they cannot ever do enough. One of the key points that Murdock makes, which is apparent in society today, is that women strive to be recognized as powerful but are undermined by pre-conceived notions of how a woman should be. Murdock illustrates how a woman’s life is based on the linking of a variety of situations that she may or may not have personal control over.

   The book is split into ten sections in which different parts of a woman’s life are explored. The sections are: Separation from the Feminine, Identification with the Masculine, The Road of Trials, The Illusory Boon of Success, Strong Women Can Say No, The Initiation and Descent to the Goddess, Urgent Yearning to Reconnect with the Feminine, Healing the Mother/Daughter Split, Finding the Inner Man with Heart, and Beyond Duality.
Every individual woman will be able to relate to this book in one way or another. Reading it may or may not be life changing, but it is definitely worth your time.

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