Fall Fest Worth Raving About

Fatima Petersen, Contributing Writer

What happens when you combine techno, laser lights and a 40-foot screen projecting mind-blowing visuals? You get Fall Fest. On November 10, 2011 this small town experienced its first true rager at the Oneonta Theatre. The venue was completely transformed. More floor space was added in order to create a dance floor; lights and the 40 foot screen were also added. It was a night jam-packed with music, lights and dancing.
From the moment I put my foot in the door, I felt like I was going into a trendy night club. The small things like a guest list and bouncers made it feel upscale. The lasers and strobe lights inside added to that feeling. The music was amazing. The DJs that performed were DJ Prophet, DJ Wolverine, Kido, Trevmunz, Kloud9, DJ Hectic and DJ Zinke. All seven DJs had a unique style of music which made each hour a different musical experience. Also for each DJ, the lights were completely different, making each hour a different club experience. The “hype men,” or the people who excite the crowd, did a fair job. Their methods were a little typical, but in the heat of the moment the crowd didn’t care about that. They just wanted to enjoy their night. The night started off slow, as it took the crowd a while get up from their seats and go to the dance floor. If the event hadn’t started so early (7 p.m.) and hadn’t spanned so many hours, more people may have been there at any given time and would have been more compelled to dance. Other than that small detail, the show was amazing.
If you missed Fall Fest, don’t worry about it, because on December 10 there will be a round two. But this time, there will be 3D visuals. Be sure to look out for the flyers and get your tickets because if it’s anything like the first Fall Fest, it’ll be sure to be a hit.

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